The space between what you have and what you want is you showing up as who you really are

Learn the practical steps & energetic practises it takes to access clarity & self trust to become the most confident, truest expression of yourself

About the Instructor

Sloan Lauinger

Coach, Creator & Yoga Nidra Guide

I'm Sloan and it is my honor to acquaint you. My life's work is to support the transformation of as many people as possible becoming clear, trusting, confident, and to experience unconditional love - by simply being their truest expression of their Self. FREE and at PEACE, living joyfully. The best way I know how to share the tools & tips to do so is through accessible online courses that grant you on-demand access to learn as much and as often as you wish. These courses reflect a collection of my professional and personal experiences, and education relevant on the topics. Thank you for choosing to be here. You are so appreciated. To learn more, visit: