Dream•Le Rêve

This membership begins September 2020

Learn the techniques to get into lucid dream state and how to apply the meanings of your dreams to your waking reality. Bridging your dream state supports you making decisions with guidance & confidence to create & LIVE the life you want: the dream.

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  • Why is this a membership?

    Learning to dream takes time, and a space where you can learn and participate over time will best facilitate your growth in learning to dream.

  • What will I learn & are there deliverables?

    You will learn the techniques to lucid dream and how to apply what you learn from your lucid dreams to your waking life. The deliverables are access to the audio and notes from each month you are a member.

  • How long is the membership?

    You are able to participate on an as-you-wish basis in this membership. The longer you participate the more you will learn.

  • What is the format of the calls?

    I will host a monthly call on Zoom and host a lesson. When the lesson is complete the floor will be open for discussion and Q&A.