Online Business Blueprint

For entrepreneurs, professionals and brick & mortar business' both product & service

This course is full of my flagship business content that I've taught my private & mastermind coaching clients since 2017, and to my consulting clients since 2012. You will learn how to better position yourself and your business within your market, how to create multiple income streams, create and deliver value to your clients, and how to attract clients & customers by simply being your brand. Bonus' include all resources you need to start & scale your business, take your business online, authentically enrol new clients, create client surveys, intake templates and more. Dozens of online entrepreneurs, business owners and creators have experienced lasting results from the tools I share in this course. This course will also naturally solve problems you may be experiencing in your business! Start now, revise ongoing! This course isn't some silver bullet or magical turnkey solution (they don't exist). It is incredible value that will change your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One

    • 1: Prep for Success, Pre-work & Bonus' (round one)

    • Pre-game Action Items

    • Ask Questions

    • 7 Laws to Entrepreneurial Success

    • Traffic Generating Strategies Checklist

    • 20 Practical Financial Secrets to Prosperity

    • Nine Save Your Ass Financial Rules (everyone should know)

  • 2

    Module Two

    • 2: Situational Audit, Habit Loop, Beliefs, Objectives

    • Ask Questions

  • 3

    Module Three

    • 3: Path of Least Resistance

    • Submit Work For Feedback

    • Ask Questions

  • 4

    Module Four

    • 4: Income Sources & Channels And Your Target Market

    • Ask Questions

    • Bonus Video One: Creating Your Cash Flow Strategy

    • Bonus Video Two: Mastering Your Cashflow

    • Bonus Video Three: Getting the Cash Flow Results You Want

  • 5

    Module Five

    • 5: Money & Multi-Stream Monetization

    • Ask Questions

  • 6

    Module Six

    • 6: Value & Content Creation

    • Ask Questions

  • 7

    Module Seven

    • 7: Traffic & Lead Generation

    • Ask Questions

  • 8

    Module Eight

    • 8: Business Development & Relationships

    • Ask Questions

  • 9

    Module Nine

    • 9: Systems, Scale & Automate

    • Ask Questions

  • 10

    Module Ten

    • 10: Brand Development & Legacy

    • Ask Questions

  • 11


    • Bust Your Money Blocks

    • Cash Flow Critical Basics

    • Peak Performing Cash Flow Strategies

    • Cash Flow Queen Memes

    • Shopify & Wordpress Overview

    • Client Agreements, Surveys & Intake Templates

Payment options

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“I LOVE Sloan! When I met Sloan, I was floundering as a newbie in the online marketing world. I had some things in place, but I felt totally overwhelmed by all there was to do to be successful. Sloan helped ground me in some core online marketing knowledge that no one else was teaching me - and she did it in a way that was clear, action-oriented, and exciting. She carefully and lovingly helped me wrap my mind around complex marketing ideas while paying close attention to my business, my personality, and my strengths. So that what she helped me understand and create - ultimately - is now a game changer for how I attract my ideal clients and excite them with the knowledge and wisdom I'm here to offer and serve. Sloan is generous, smart, strategic, and knowledgeable. She's the whole package and I look forward to ANY time I get to work with her or beside her again.”

Talya, Talya's Kitchen

“Sloan is an angel and a blessing!! I approached Sloan for marketing support and what I got was a refreshed business. We created a product to scale my business - a product that was needed in my niche, keto and paleo bread, with other mixes on the way! Most importantly I got back time and can spend more time doing what my heart loves - baking!! Our successful (busy and tiring!!) cafe my husband and I opened from the ground up was driving my health into the ground despite my love to serve and bless the bellies who walked through our door. Work hasn't slowed down (never does!), but now I have a business and products, and I'm doing what I love! Change takes time, and I'm grateful for Sloan's support in numbers, words, and heart.”

Andrea, Bakerlita Bakery & Festal Cafe

“I wasn't booked and was scarce for bookings in December. Within three weeks of working with Sloan things changed. My shoots got picked up by major publications - Elle, Glamour, Popsugar, The Knot, Huffington Post, Disney, and others. Opportunities were finding me, and I got to start choosing my projects instead of wondering where the next one was coming from.”

Stacey, Stylist & Officiant at Sylver Weddings

“Working with Sloan early on has allowed me to overcome many obstacles that a new entrepreneur would encounter if alone on this wonderful/ terrifying journey. I’m beyond grateful for the growth that my business has come to in just 6 months of working with Sloan. I had no clue how to structure my business and set it up for success, or what that even looked like for me. I get to choose my client roster and am growing my business in a way that benefits me, my time, family and soul. I could not have been in the place that I’m at now without her guidance, support and professionalism.”

Crystal, Wellness Educator, Influencer & Nurse

“Sloan has instilled a confidence in me around business, money and living a life better than I'd ever thought through her mentoring. For the longest time I felt like I was, "right there", only to slip back into old habits and resort to fear-based thinking. Her advice and strategies have helped me to start a rapidly growing business in the last 3 months in a completely new & booming industry, and to overcome self-doubt. I've often gotten stuck in my own head and Sloan has a way of helping me see myself as a being who has an even greater potential to become better - which we all needs sometimes. She's helped me believe in myself and overcome massive roadblocks in such a short time. I can't wait to see what this year has in store.”

Brock, CEO Prevail Botanicals

“Sloan was the very first business coach I ever worked with. I had taken a couple courses in the past but knew if I really wanted my business to scale I needed more one-on-one attention and that's exactly what I got not only working privately with her but also in her group coaching programs. Sloan has empowered me with achieving clarity around both my personal and business finances. She lit a fire under me to go big in my business and helped me realize I could achieve anything with the perfect combo of determination & strategy. Within 5 months of working with Sloan I was able to comfortably leave my corporate job to pursue my dreams as an online life coach. I am forever grateful for her coaching and will continue keeping up with the amazing content she shares daily. I point everyone I know interested in starting a business her way. I highly encourage anyone interested in getting clear around their finances and scaling their business (or starting one) to follow Sloan's work. She's a coach I will never forget and I am incredibly grateful for all of her help.”

Lexi, Kundalini, Marketing, Spiritual Leader


  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have unlimited access to this course and will have access to any additional material added to this course ongoing.

  • What is the course outcome?

    The purpose of this course is to show you how to create a stronger, more profitable business be it online, in-person or a combination of both.

  • Can I upgrade and receive 1:1 support?

    You may! Choose the VIP option at checkout. You will receive 10-weeks of 1:1 support via Voxer by choosing this option.

  • What will I learn & are there deliverables?

    You will learn how to clearly refine or define who you are, what you do, who you serve, how to put a dollar amount on your products and services, how to create systems and scale, how to enrol clients, create content, and drive traffic. You will learn how to fill that business with assets, and how to drive traffic to those assets in order to create a sustainable business model you can grow with.

  • Does this course promise guaranteed results?

    Guarantee of success rate and results is based on how thoroughly the work is executed. When thoroughly executed, the outcomes you can expect include success in all areas that the course outlines delivering content on.

  • Are there refunds?

    Due to the digital nature of this course refunds are not an option. Should you be experiencing a true hurdle you can't solve email me at and I will do my best to make whatever it is right.