Communication Genius

Step out of the old story and into your Self. Become magnetic in the process.

This is a mind-body-being communication & trauma mastery course. This is a mind-body-being communication & trauma mastery course. Learn practical & energetic self healing modalities & communication techniques to strengthen your confidence, intimacy & effectiveness in all types of relationships. You'll learn to meta-think, critical think and become & implement those ways of thought. You'll also learn to use lucid dreaming as a powerful guide in your waking reality and as a healing modality (while you sleep). This course is mindfully designed to be succinct, efficient and effective & for repeat use to meet the needs of those living full & impactful lives doing the work and reaping the benefits. Apply to see if the program content is right for you and if working together is a match for both of us. Copy and paste this web address directly into your browser:


  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have unlimited access to course materials and will have access to any additional material added to this course ongoing.

  • When does the LIVE-coaching portion end?

    Your live-coaching segment will end after we complete your group's trainings (6 weeks) - AND you will continue to have access to Sloan through weekly consulting calls ongoing open to all student and alumni! You are welcome to stay in the Facebook group for as long as you wish to stay connected with your peers and to learn from new students being coached LIVE.

  • What will I learn & are there deliverables?

    You will learn what it takes to overcome trauma that's been holding you back in life. You will also learn how to become a strategic communicator in life and business from a practical and energetic standpoint. The deliverables are the audio, video and any supplemental resources including the Facebook group, LIVE-coaching and (some of my) key templates for communicating.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is specifically for the high functioning (but fucked up) human who has trauma to overcome be it anxiety, depression or PTSD, and who wants to feel safe in their body, and confident & connected in their relationships. AKA winning at life! This course is also for anyone who wants the maximum ROI out of their business & professional life, and who also wants the maximum ROI out of all of their personal, romantic & professional relationships.


    This is not the course for you if you want to learn grammar, sentence structure or ANY formal textbook approach to communicating. You must be open and willing to accept a practical and energetic component to

  • Does this course promise guarantee results?

    Guarantee of success and results is based on how thoroughly the work is executed by you as a responsible and excited student!

  • Are there refunds?

    There are no refunds for this LIVE-course due to the nature of its LIVE coaching component. The interactive component is important for your success in being able to ask real-life questions real-time and receiving specific answers to your requests.