Communication Genius

Vulnerability + Intimacy, Confidence + Effectiveness

This is a mind-body-being communication mastery course. Learn practical & energetic self healing modalities & communication techniques to strengthen your intimacy, confidence & effectiveness in all types of relationships and to create self-trust & FREEDOM in your life. You'll learn to meta-think, critical think and become & implement those ways of thought. You'll also learn to use lucid dreaming as a powerful guide in your waking reality and as a healing modality. Strategic communication styles and body wisdom are used to tie together the thoughts, feelings and actions required to create progressive change and forward momentum. This course distills masterful concepts into easy to digest ways of being and is designed to be simple and effective & is a process to work on repeat because life IS a process. Apply to see if the program is right for you and if working together is a match for both of us. Copy and paste this web address directly into your browser:


  • How do I apply?

    Copy and paste this web address directly into your browser:

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    Once you are enrolled you have lifetime access to all materials, course revisions & additions, and access to ongoing weekly calls. Healing and growth is ongoing hence this process and space is designed to support you for as long as you need and wish - not just for 8 weeks.

  • What will I learn & are there deliverables?

    You will learn what it takes to work through and overcome that which has been keeping you stuck and limiting you. The deliverables are the audio, video and any supplemental resources including the Facebook group, LIVE-coaching and (some of my) key templates for communicating. The deliverables are all relative to what's in the program description.

  • Who is this program for?

    This program is for ANYONE who wants to create more intimacy & effectiveness in their relationships and life. I created this program for who I was 3 years ago in mind: a high functioning human who had stuck patterns to overcome; habits, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and who wanted to feel safe in my body, and confident & connected in my relationships. This is human optimization and it's a process to rinse and repeat to start and finish. What I share is a lifestyle.


    This is not the program for you if you aren't open to alternative methods of health & healing. This course is not for you if you want to learn grammar, sentence structure or any formal textbook approach to communicating. You must be open and willing to accept a practical and energetic component to life if you're going to reap success from this process & program.

  • Is this is substitute for formal therapy from a licensed professional?

    No. Please consult your mental health practitioner for all mental health related concerns. This program is a stand-alone course that provides alternative self-healing modalities to anyone desiring a higher quality of life. This program may act as a supplemental resource to formal therapy on your healing journey.